All You Need To Know About Pallet Racking Safety

Pallet Racking Perth

Pallet racking is a great way to maximise the storage space in your warehouse and can be safe and effective when installed and used correctly. It’s important to know how to use your pallet racking safely but consulting the correct documents can be a lengthy, time consuming process. That’s why we’ve compiled a list to help you remember some of the basics of pallet racking safety. Please remember that this is just a guide and you need to make sure you read the relevant documents and legislation for proper use before installing your particular pallet racking system.

Operation and Maintenance

It is important that your pallet racking should be set up, operated and maintained correctly so make sure you consult the instructions supplied by the manufacturer as well as AS 4084:2012, especially if you’re installing it yourself. The manufacturer will also provide you with guideline for proper use and maintenance so make sure you read this carefully and keep it on hand for future reference.

Also make sure that you take into account the specific requirements of your warehouse and make allowances for moving equipment, forklifts and so on. Any modifications to your pallet racking must be checked with your supplier, manufacturer and designer to make sure these are safe and reasonable.

It is vital that you pay attention to any load limits on your pallet racking and adhere to these strictly. These must be taken into account if any modifications are made.

If a single pallet racking system is installed, make sure there is rear protection to protect pedestrians from any falling objects.

It is always helpful to be prepared so put procedures in place for proper use and ensure that all members of staff are aware of these procedures. Operating instructions must include correct application and use of the equipment, safe working loads, prohibitions on unauthorised alterations and a requirement to report any damage incurred due to impact.

Another important thing to consider is the type of goods to be stored on your pallet racking system. The pallet racking system should cater specifically to the types of goods being stored and any changes should be discussed with a qualified person such as your supplier or manufacturer.

Any damage to the pallet racking system or any unsafe practices or risks must be reported promptly to ensure that they can be addressed as a priority. It is important that everyone knows the correct procedures in place and the importance of this step.


Your pallet racking should be inspected regularly and the following points considered when determining how safely and effectively the system is being used:

Beams should be inspected to make sure they are free from damage and overloading.

Working load limits should be checked by making sure that load limits are displayed clearly and that they are being adhered to.

Uprights, braces and splices should be inspected regularly for damage.

Check if the racking is vertical and make sure that out of plumb racking has not occurred.

Check that floor fixings have been properly installed and that any damaged foot plates are replaced.

These are important checks and should be carried out by someone who has experience working with pallet racking and understands the latest guidelines for safe use.

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